About Me

A former Hospitality professional, I now freelance for content and copywriting. I am also a self-styled sketch artist and an amateur photographer, perpetually in awe of the wonders of hidden places and spaces around us. Through my narratives and art-work, I seek to rediscover and reacquaint familiar backgrounds or timeless destinations.

Originally from the misty hills of Darjeeling, I have lived in almost every major city in the country and find myself consistently engaged in a personal quest to scour every lesser-known destination in between. Most often you will find me feverishly scrawling on my sketchbook, as I reminisce to re-tell a poignant memory or an enthralling travel experience.

My daily morning ritual begins with a copious dose of sweetly fragrant Darjeeling Tea that fuels me through the day. It centres me, soothes the soul and makes me feel at home just about anywhere!

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